Retaining wall
Retaining wall Whether your retaining wall is a standard fix or requires an some innovative solutions, our team will meet all your requirements. All of our work is completed to a very high standard and we guarantee your retaining wall will meet all your compliance regulations.
Driveway remove and replace
Driveway remove and replace
Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls We were approached by a client in Akaroa. We were told the stream needed to be redirected and build the retaining wall and open up the stream again. Ezy! We got in gumboots and all - No retaining wall is to hard for the team.
Ezy Re-level project - Madras Street
Ezy Re-level project - Madras Street This job was quite different to other jobs we have undertaken, and the 3rd in the same sub-division that we have successfully re-leveled. We couldn't be happier with the results within 2-4mm level, it was a total lift of 186mm. What made this job so different? The water table is 300mm below ground with no bearing capacity on the ground at all, sitting on concrete driven piles under the foundation, our engineers designed a way to hug the piles below the foundation and we used them to create jacking points to lift from.
Ezy re-level
Ezy re-level Our The Ezy-lift system is like no other in New Zealand, electronic hydraulic lifting system, we have the ability to manipulate each jack at any given time. All of this ensures all work is precise to the nearest mm and minimises damage.
Pile foundations - Avonside
Pile foundations - Avonside Getting ready to drive piles tomorrow. Our client is adding an extension to his home which we re-leveled last year.
Ezy span flooring
Ezy span flooring Made of polystyrene and concrete, Ezy-Span floors are designed to carry their own weight whilst giving you an added layer of insulation.
Ezy-Bloc Foundation
Ezy-Bloc Foundation Our Ezy-Bloc foundation system delivers a simple formwork solution for most home designs. Our system means there is no need for drive pegs or stripping, de-nailing or cleaning form work.

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